Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Project status roundup

Pewter Lace Shawl from Interweave Knits is coming off the needles tonight - I've cast off half of one short edge & have around 650 stitches left to cast off. Then it's done. So tonight's task is planning. What next, what next? Time for inventory.

Half-finished stuff
- red & white Dale of Norway baby sweater needs a hem and (ack) cut armholes (2 - 3 hrs)
- pink basketweave baby sweater needs buttons & a mailing label for South Africa (30 min.)
- chenille vest needs zipper basted, then sewn in. (3 hrs, if you count time for messing up & ripping out)
- Ragg "Birkensocks" need 1 foot completed (7 hrs)
- Wildefoote desert socks need heel turned & foot completed (7 hrs?)
- Better mousetrap socks need 1 more row each side and seams (2 hrs)

Projects planned/yarn bough in the last 2 months
- Charlotte's Web shawl in 5 colors of Koigu (for me)
- Seed stitch T-shirt in Colinette Giotto (for me)
- Blue socks with pink stripes (for Siobhan)
- Mexicali Baby Ole sweater in Fortissima Colori (for MM's baby)
- 1 giant skein Heaven lace yarn, was supposed to be a shawl for Mom. Hate the color!
- Hat in Noro's Kureyon (for who knows)
- Baby jacket in Noro's Kureyon (for who knows)

Languishing projects - not started.
- Rowan Denim aran sweater (for him)
- Celtic knot hat (for sister-in-law)

I bet there are more at home. I'll have to update this list later. For now it's enough to have an overview of the things I might start. I'm definitely feeling like I owe some of those half-done pieces some attention, especially the Dale baby sweater & the socks for him