Sunday, December 05, 2010

Hat, scarf, and a swirl of Christmas

Handspun Aspen Leaf hat
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Hi knitters!

Wanted to share a few recent knitted objects, since I have been so terribly absent from my usual knitting groups over the past six months. Since Thanksgiving, I've invented a hat out of my own handspun yarn, from a very sparkly batt by Susan's Kitchen called "Bananarama Two"

Knitting this hat feels pretty significant to me, since it was done entirely by my design, using yarn I spun myself. Whoa! I tend to balk at spinning with my precious, coveted, scarce handspun -- what if I get it wrong?? -- and I don't often knit out of my own head. Anyway, I did it! I had to try several different styles for the crown of the hat before settling on this turning-ridge and centered decreases approach. And I love the hat, with its sparkly yellow and green yarn. It's like a banana for my head. A banana slug for my head? With leaves! :-)

Oh, and big thanks to Margit Sage for both the original batt and the idea to put "something, maybe a leaf" at the top of the hat for a more unique look. It's so sweet that Margit was present at both ends of this project!

In another bold and unexpected move, I have finished a scarf from yarn bought at Stitches 2010 - and that has to be some kind of record!

Also this weekend, I added the stuffing and seamed up a new swirl ball which I will present at the December 2010 knitting guild meeting, this coming Thursday at 7 pm at Yarn Dogs Annex - it's all about the short rows!

And last on the weekend update... I also managed to scoot over to Bobbin's Nest Studio to nab a copy of Cookie's new Knit. Sock. Love. book, signed by herself. I'm so glad Janice posted about the book & the event - it's sort of thrilling to think of Our Old S-n-B Gang now as book authors and editors.

I've missed you all and I'm trying to extract myself from work so I can come to more of the Meetups and maybe even a Bobaknit or two. I *think* I will be at Meetup on the third Wednesday in Campbell. Hope to see at least a few of my long-lost knitting pals there or at the December 9th Knitting Guild session.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't checked this site it awhile so I missed out on these exciting things. Way to go! mom

December 22, 2010 9:09 AM  

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