Tuesday, October 28, 2003

work actively in progress:
- Socks for him in Wildfoote "Desert Grass". 1.75 socks completed!
- Cotton/Wool chennille vest - needs zipper basted then sewn in.

Had the most frustrating time this weekend with "Better Mousetrap" socks for him. I had started a pair, oh, a year ago. Thanks to the strip construction and poor gauge calculation, the first one came out 2 inches too long in the toe. So I started again.. about a year ago. And that sock was coming out too small in width. So I gave up for a while.

This past weekend I picked up the 2nd attempt socks (khaki with grape stripes), added an extra row to the width, sewed them up and.. it's 1 inch too long.

OK, fine. I think I remember adding some extra stitches to make sock long enough for his big feet.. so that was a mistake. So I went back to the pattern & made a reverse sock (grape with khaki stripes) sticking exactly to the pattern. Only I didn't check gauge and I was using the wrong size needles - 5's when I should have used 4's - and the damn thing came out EVEN LONGER than the first one and was already too wide when it was 3/4ths finished.

I'm furious with the socks and myself for not measuring. Luckily they are small and I can rip them out & start again if I want to, but I'm more thinking what functional hats this Plymouth Encore wool/nylon blend would make.

So that's the end of mousetrap socks for me. Such a shame, because the first two pairs I made came out beautifully. I've worn holes in my own pair 3 times already (note to self - straight merino makes soft socks but they won't last!) and the pair I gave away was also quite successful. It's just socks for him that are CURSED.

For a corrective emotional experience, I decided to go back to regular old socks. So I picked up another set of not-quite-finished socks for him and got back to work. It's been a while since I made socks for grown ups. It's so fun to try the sock on in progress with all the needles poking everywhere. I'm pretty sure I'll finish these socks today or tomorrow, woo hoo! Maybe this will lift the curse.


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