Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Hello world!

I'm starting again with my not-yet-fascinating knitting blog. New plan: start simple. I read about 9 months of Jerry-the-old-fart's blog, When Knitting was a Manly Art, and was totally fascinated. So I'm back on the horse. I'm not yet whether I have the stamina to sustain a blog, but I really want a record of my knitting life, so here goes.

With the last stitches done this afternoon, I am almost finished with a layette called Florella for Wendy's impending baby. Found the pattern online with some other antique knitting patterns. Apparently it's from a 1943 pattern book. I've done the whole set in light lilac Dale Baby Ull. Remaining work is the seam along the bottom & back of one bootie and finding/making strings for 2 booties, 1 hat and the sacque. Wendy's baby is due sometime this week or next.

Update 13-May-2004: Here's yesterday's photo of the mostly finished layette.


This pattern was very annoyingly written, with lots of K7, K2, K3tog... without much explaination of what was going on. I had to make a lot of adjustments for a gauge of 7 sts/inch instead of 8, so I spent a long while with a calculator figuring out how to adjust the decreases & pattern motifs. It was a combination of math and winging it, heavy on the winging it. Overall, I'm satisfied with the results. There are no finished measurements given in the original pattern, but if my math is right, my version is actually the same size as the 7 sts/inch version would have been. It's supposed to fit a 6 month size. Remains to be seen if it will fit Wendy's baby.

I've, um, been to the yarn shop rather a lot lately. But mostly with very concrete plans in mind. Here's what's in the hopper - without counting unfinished objects:

- For Kelli, a cheer-up bed jacket while on bed rest. Bought some Tagliatelli yarn in Morocco and a pattern for a short-sleeved cardigan called Swan. This is the first in line because I think she needs it now. Mom says I have to modify the neckline because it's too droopy. I think a little crochet will firm it up.

- For Julie, a baby outfit (hat and cardigan) by August. Picked design #2 called Myosotis, from Anny Blatt's "Layette", Hors-serie No. 8, with grey whales in a blue background. The name is weird, because as far as I can tell, Myosotis means forget-me-not.

- For Bill, a Rowan Denim gansey in the darker blue Nashville. This project has been simmering in the idea stage for about 6 years and he's getting antsy

- For me, Fog Chaser jacket from The Knitter's Stash with 4 different yarns from Mountain Colors, mostly color Wilderness


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