Thursday, May 13, 2004


Hazy but beautiful day today. No knitting this morning, but I am working on the seam of the lilac bootie for Wendy. Still fussing about whether to have ribbon ties or crochet chain ties for the ensemble.

Tagliatelli Swan
Got started on the "bed jacket" project last night. Knit about 10 rows, ripped back 6 and re-did them with the decreases which make the a-line styling for the body. I started using just one ball of Tagliatelli, but I was reading the yarn label last night with its stern warnings to use 2 balls at once to smooth out the variations in hand-dyed skeins. Will add the 2nd one tonight.

Here's my progress so far:


As I was knitting last night, we watched the end of Angela's Ashes and all of Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky. Sent them both back to Netflix this morning, but I'm feeling a little bad about having knit thru the beautiful animation of Castle in the Sky. May have to make a new rule not to knit during anime.


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