Monday, October 15, 2007

Cleanup on aisle four!

Hi knitters,

I've got two excuses for the monthly long blog silence. A) My camera went missing (probably stolen) so I don't have any new photos to show you. B) Most of my knitting right now is cleanup in the UFO pile, which is like pulling teeth for me. Not to mention embarrassing! It's all thanks to stupid Ravelry and the Projects tab. I can't put all of these up as UFOs. It would make a To Do list a mile long in my mind.

So there's gotta be cleanup. Here's a photo of the top layer of the UFO pile all laid out where you can see 'em:

The tip of the UFO iceberg

See any themes here? Like, that everything is approximately 90% done, but not totally done?? Sigh. ([EDIT] - I used a large version of this photo in my first post -- but it didn't work in the template. Small now. Click through to flickr for a larger view and comments explaining what everything is.)

Nudged by having to log all these, I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and clear stuff out. Right now, I'm operating in "first in, first out" mode, working only on my oldest (active) UFOs. I chose the 9 UFO's in this photo plus one secret one. And when these are done, I'll take another UFO picture and work on those. And the beatings will continue until morale improves, dammit.

Since taking this photo on September 8, I've finished and mailed two of these, finished & washed two more. I've still got a gift sweater (not in the photo, of course. Back & sleeves done, needs a front), the red & white Snowflakes & bars baby sweater (needs picot trim for the neck), the whales baby sweater (needs seams, eyes, and a make-up button hole), and the cably baby sweater (needs a body to go with the sleeves) to work on. And two pairs of toe-up socks whose bindoffs are not making me happy. So I'm only 2 for 10 so far. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Finishing these UFOs will be good for me -- give me room to contemplate the other bazillion projects-in-progress and not-yet-started objects in the stash. I'm trying to be really faithful to these UFOs from the photo. I'm only cheating a little with the Early Spring socks from Janice. And Klaralund.

My Klaralund is exactly the same color as Jeni's. We'll have to phone each other before knitting events to avoid showing up in the same sweater. It's a fast knit -- it only took Friday evening and Saturday afternoon to knit most a sleeve. It's currently drying after a quick wash to check gauge of the finished product. I'm spot on, so I'll be able to get back to knitting that rectangle this evening when it is fully dry. I was grateful to Ravelry last night for telling me there are larger sizes available on the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton web site. I've only knit up to the shoulder patterning of the first sleeve, so I am still able to switch to the larger size.

I'm on my second attempt at Janice's Early Spring socks -- my fault, not the pattern. I knit the foot a little too long the first time, turned the heel and decided the foot was too loose. Thanks to useful instructions, I was able to rip back to the lifeline before the heel gusset quite easily, then back another pattern repeat to start the increases a little earlier. Sunday, I turned the heel for the second time and I'm ready to work the cuff / leg in the round. I am working in Louet Gems fingering weight wool, instead of Panda Cotton. Looks like the pattern will work just fine in wool. Janice lent me her original sock -- one of the pair, anyway. The other has been on display at Purlescence since it was knit, so these are virgin socks. At this rate, I might get to wear my Early Spring socks before the designer wears hers!

But only after finishing my UFO assignment, of course.


Blogger Bogie said...

"the top layer of the UFO pile"


But it sounds like you're making progress.

And you left out the fact that I suggested knitting another repeat (or was it a repeat and a half?) before starting the gusset increases. If you didn't do that, they would have been just right. Damn!

BTW, Chloe gave me the other Early Spring sock on Saturday so if you want to wear yours before I wear mine, don't give the original sock back! lol Seriously, keep it as long as it's helpful.

October 15, 2007 7:25 PM  
Blogger Baywood Yarns said...

That's a lot of UFO, my dear! You'll have to come up here for Wednesday knitting and tackle them...

October 19, 2007 8:24 PM  

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