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Bambuzzled - Aug 2007 WIP

Bambuzzled - Aug 2007 WIP
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Hi knitters!

Bear with me, I'm still all excited about the veggies. But there *is* knitting in this post.

Bill and I got a veggie box reprieve last week - August 7 - 14 - by spending the weekend in Ashland, Oregon, at the Shakespeare festival. We got some friends to take the veggie box while we were gone Phew! This week we received the first of the summer's tomatoes and sat right down Wednesday night (box arrives on Wednesday) to eat caprese salad and french bread for dinner. We only used up one measly tomato, but man oh man was it delicious.

Thursday we both worked at home, and since we were planning to attend a reading and dinner in SF, we thought we'd better eat some veg for lunch. We grated & sautéd some kind of pattypan squash, served it over pasta with more yummy tomatoes. I think next time I would julienne or roll cut the squash to maintain more of the strucure of the squash. Friday we headed out to a friend's house to watch Bourne Identity and Bourne Supremacy accompanied by yummy Thai food - but I made a (hold on to your hats...) mango and radish salad so we could continue making progress with the veg. I'm feeling very open to the randomness of the box and very virtuous for chipping away at it every day. We've got some broccoli, potatoes, more tomatoes and squash , cute red onions with their green tops still on, and a whack load of lettuce on deck for weekend munching. Mmmm, summer!

The knitting update is more of a monoculture. Vacation knitting in Ashland consisted of about 5 minutes of work to finish up Mom's watermelon socks (yes, Mom, I will put them in the mail soonly!) and then a whole lot of lace. After our first play (Taming of the Shrew), I cast on for Cookie's pattern Bambuzlled, which I bought from Blue Moon Fiber Arts at Stitches West this year. Since casting on, I have worked on nothing else but this scarf. I'm about halfway done - 6.5 repeats completed out of what I hope will be 12 instead of 10 repeats. It's only about 19 inches so far, which seems worryingly short to me. I love the stitch pattern and the drape of the yarn, so I really hope this turns out to be a nice, nice scarf instead of a mistake.

I can't find much evidence that others have knit this scarf (as a scarf) on the Intarwebs. Looks like a couple of people have made it as a stole and some people took photos of the Bambuzzled kit they bought at Stitches West, but there is not a lot of activity involving this scarf on the 'net. Has anyone locally worked this pattern? Do you have any tips for me about ... how many repeats you got out of the one skein of Bambu or what your finished length was?

I'll have to post tomorrow about the Spin-In on Saturday. The spinners had some reassuring words for me about the scarf, so for now, I am going to keep going on Bambuzzled. Maybe an FO later this week?


Blogger Abigail said...

Wow, there aren't any in Ravelry either. I'm tempted to try making it with my one skein of Bambu though, so maybe I'll remedy that.

August 19, 2007 11:18 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

Well, Im watching the comments too...I also bought the Bamboozled pattern and yarn at stitches. I also have not knitted it yet.

I'm with you on the veggies...we signed up for the 2 small farms box and am madly eating tomatoes and salads. At the moment my brother and family are staying so we are getting through them, but it will be a challenge not to waste them once our visitors leave.

August 21, 2007 12:50 PM  

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