Saturday, May 15, 2004


Look, titles!

I've been doing some remedial blog reading to get the lay of the land. Looked a bit at Rob's blackdog blog, where his enthusiausm for yarn & projects must doing wonders for his sales, and Wendyknits and Bonne Marie. Rob & Matt's Charlotte's Web color combinations made me want to haul my own Charlotte's Web colors out of the closet & get knitting.. but I've got to work on Swan, Myosotis & Bill's sweater for a while.

The knitting blogs were inspiring and a bit daunting at the same time. Queer Joe's knitting blog particularly made me ask myself, am I adding anything to the craft here? And my kntting group at work is sort of falling apart... bleah.

Discovered yesterday that my row gauge on the Swan is waaaay off - like, I should have 16 or so inches at this point, and I've got 9. I could just keep knitting straight, but that would change the line of th garment from a nice neat trapezoid to a trapezoid with a box on top... so that will have to be ripped out entirely (I could save the last 4 rows..but why bother?) and started over. It was only 2 days of work. :-(( We're off on a birding adventure today, so I'll have plenty of time in the car for unknitting & reknitting. And I'd better get going if I want to see them birdies!


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