Monday, September 13, 2004

Embellishments & entrelac

I bit the bullet Friday night & did my practice embellishments for Narcisse, using the guage swatch to practice the chain stitch embroidery. I know colors on the web are iffy, but I am interested in any opinions y'all might have about the colors of the leaves & flowers here:


While mulling over the embroidery colors and noting that there were 5 unfinished knitting projects in the family room alone*... I needed something to kill time on Saturday, so I started "A Step Above" entrelac socks from Knitter's K75 (Summer 2004). Hah! 6 unfinished projects in the family room!

ASA calls for Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock and I happened to have some in a color called Flames. I love the way this design shows off 3-12 inch color runs. Sheperd Sock is very delicate and soft on the hands. Working with wool is a huge treat after a month of cotton! I've done the skimpy ribbing and 4 "tiers" of entrelac triangles & squares, which makes about 5 inches of sock so far. There are just 4 entrelac squares in a row, each 12 stitches wide and 23 rows tall. Each square goes by really fast. I'm practicing knittng back without turning on about half the rows. Figuring out the yarn wraps makes my head a splode, so I often switch back to regular knitting for non-think knitting.

Update on Gram: surgery was Wednesday and by Saturday she was sitting up, talking, eating solid foods and figuring out how to get the vertical blinds between her ICU room and the hallway straightened out. I talked to Mom Saturday night and asked if the whole hospital experience was hard for her and she said it really wasn't, since Gram is doing so well. Phew! I can't believe how smoothly the whole heart attack experience has been so far. And I seriously hope I have inherited some of Gram's survival genes.

*5 unfinished projects in the family room:
  • ancient vest finished except for installing zipper.
  • Icelandic Beauty done except for ribbing around the leg openings.
  • Narcisse needs embellishments, seams, buttons
  • OXO denim gansey for Bill is only 40 cm of back
  • Myosotis whales cardi. Half a back. I hate the intarsia I've done so far & can't get psyched for more


Blogger Wiz Knitter said...

Color thoughts -- I like the red and orange with the yellow, but not quite so sure against the dark pinky-purple. Perhaps that is very closed-minded of me! (I have just finished reading Knitting for Anarchists on the subject of color, and of course she says you should go with it if it feels right to you.)

So glad Gram is doing better!

September 13, 2004 2:34 PM  

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