Monday, October 11, 2004

Adapting the Fog Chaser

At Sunday's S-n-B at Orchard Valley, I brought the back of my new project, Fog Chaser, for feedback from the group. The jacket back:


is almost exactly the same shape as the back of another jacket I own. The other jacket fits great in the back but "rides up" in the front. I am trying to figure out how to make the Fog Chaser fit well, front and back. The S-n-B group thought that the more flexible nature of knitting might be enough. After all, it's not off by that much! Later in the evening, Wendy and I decided that maybe a few more rows in the armhole area both front and back, plus a light slope to the shoulder bind off might help make this garment a success. I'm going to try adding the extra length to the back and see if I like it.

The back so far has taken about 240 g. of the 800 g. of yarn in the kit, so I'm more or less on track to Not Run Out of Yarn, even if I add 4 more rows to the back. I think it's worth the gamble, since I already know I won't wear the jacket if the front pulls up to show off my belly.

Other progress..

Meadow Flowers - I completed the 10th row of patterning on the Meadow Flowers shawl (no photo. Imagine a slightly bigger triangle than last time I posted). Last night I discovered a boo-boo about 8 rows back and attempted to ladder down to the mistake & fix it. This did not go well. I don't advise trying to correct stitches in this Lorna's Laces Heaven. I haven't managed to hook all the stitches back in yet.

Crocus - All knitting and sewing is complete. Just needs a quick blocking and some buttons and this one is ready for the impending birth of baby Clara, whose due date is this week.

Leggero Stripe - I was all set Saturday to start on another Leggero Stripe cardigan for Siobhan's baby, due December 7th, when I remembered I lent the pattern out last week. I had to distract myself with Fog Chaser until the pattern comes back, probably Wednesday. Plenty to keep me busy, though.


Blogger Bogie said...

Thanks for the pattern mod suggestion for the Mystery Kit--I like the way it turned out. Another quick and easy FO!

October 13, 2004 10:28 PM  

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