Thursday, October 07, 2004

The first few rows go really fast

This week I started the Meadow Flowers shawl from the The Knitter's Stash. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Heaven, a wispy thin hand-dyed mohair. I got psyched about the pattern when I saw these photos on Elka Knits. It looks from her photos like the finished shawl has about 21 rows of motifs. I've got 9 so far, though they are quite hard to see in this photo:


Working with the yarn has been very easy. I worried that yarn this delicate-looking would drift apart, but it has been completely solid so far (touch wood). Ripping is less than fun, as the mohair tends to bond quite firmly as you make each stitch. So long as I don't make any mistakes, this stuff is great.

The first 9 rows of pattern motifs went very quickly, but obviously each row is geting longer and progress is slowing. Still, I think it is quite likely that this will meet my December deadlines.

[Edited 12:39 pm]Forgot to note the color name & number - Desert Flower (100). I originally bought this yarn a year ago thinking I would make a shawl for my mom, but the color turned out all wrong. In the ball, this yarn looked more purple, more cream. Knitted up, it was obviously too pink and too teal for mom. Reminds me of those 1980's colors. Miami Vice, anyone? But the $60 skein had already been wound and there was no going back. I'm glad I've found another use for this yarn.


Blogger Ilona said...

I like your idea about asking more questions - I did ask the people on the sides of me what kinds of projects they were working on, etc... I'd be curious to hear how the new knitters at the SJSU SnB feel when they encounter the group at the coffeeshop...

October 07, 2004 3:39 PM  
Blogger Bogie said...

Let's see... how did I feel at my first SnB meeting? First off, I was pretty self-conscious because I had only KIP once before--on an airplane years and years ago, and the person I was with was mortified (LOL). As I recall, I felt very welcome, and I was impressed by the variety of projects and yarn.

October 07, 2004 5:13 PM  

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