Friday, September 17, 2004

Wednesday, meetup. Thursday, theater. When is sleep?

This feels like a busy week for social and cultural outings! Wednesday night it was knitting Meetup at Blue Rock Shoot. Some really fun projects underway. I made 2 more squares of ASA socks. Topics included the new Rowan mag, stash and doomed projects, beaded knitting, and sisters. I was totally thrilled that two people I invited showed up! Then (see previous post) i stayed up way too late knitting Bill's OXO gansey.

Thursday night spouse-o and I went to the first show of the season for A.C.T., The Black Rider. Visually, it's very Expressionist - angular, outsized, oddly colored scenery elements create the forrest. Tom Waits wrote the music and it shows (I like Tom Waits, but I know he's not for everyone.) The story is both a fairy tale and a metaphor for addiction. The piece is beautiful and very moving. Marianne Faithfull as Pegleg/the devil was impish and yet powerful. The cast seemed to have been chosen for their strong vocal talents and the willingness to use their voices in very weird ways - like odd yodeling bird noises or being a human vocal sampler echoing a text back in ways you would think required a tape player. If you have a bent for odd theatrical events, the poetry of William S. Burroughs, or Tom Waits, you will like this show. Be prepared to host weird images in your head for a while.

We've got the night off Friday, but Saturday spouse-man and I are planning a "big day" birding trip as a fundraiser for the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory, a research science organization monitoring bird populations around the bay. We have precisely 27 hours to shift from staying up too late to getting up way too early (for owling!). If only we could stick to one hobby at a time, we would get more sleep. Zzzzzzz.


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