Thursday, December 04, 2008

All thanks to knitting guild

Spiral Cable Chemo Cap
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About 10 days before Thanksgiving, Margit Sage, the Fiber Fiend, came to teach our Knitspiration knitting guild how to move cables across the surface of a fabric, using her latest design, the Spiral Cabled Chemo Cap.

Yesterday, I noticed that spinalcat had posted a photo of her finished hat (she picked the one with bobbles) and it reminded me to post mine, too. And here it is - the Morfar hat.

I am just thrilled with the way this pattern looks with my own super bright green yarn. The yarn was dyed at the Fiber Fiend studio during our October guild meeting. Two guild months, two cool new experiences.

In fact... I learned a lot in 2008 and pushed myself to do new things because of the guild. Our calendar of topics definitely influenced my knitting, so I'm taking a moment today to be thankful for the guild.

Because of my local knitting guild, I tried out some new slip stitch patterns, practiced several new lace cast-ons, and dyed my own very bright colorways. (Next time, I should sign up for "Add sophistication to your color choices").

I also taught two of the lessons - one on twined knitting and one on slip stitch patterns used to combine different weights & types of yarn into interesting and subtle fabric.

This was my third year in the guild and my third year as an officer. In November, we elected new officers and I am not one of them. This is a bit hard for me, since I was really enjoying organizing things, but I'm really excited to have energetic new officers taking over. I'm really looking forward to our next two topics -

December 15 - Will your Dream Sweater Fit? Will it flatter?
January 19 - Make your own stencils

I can't make it to Fit Night, which is too bad. Sweater fit is a real issue for me. I'm hoping Lori will give me private lessons as I work my way through Corsica over the coming month. But I'm really keen on the stencils and another year of guildiness.


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