Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lucky mountain sock update

Just realized that I've left the story of the lucky mountain socks hanging, again. Whoops! If you recall, I started spinning this two-ply yarn in February, decided on a design for Husband Socks in March, made a somewhat valiant attempt to finish the spinning in May for our big birding trip to the Sierra, and then took the yet-unfinished spinning to Florida in June when my niece was baptised. (Spinning was a big hit, by the way. When I arrived in Florida this week, 3-year old Sarah asked me if I brought that turny thing with me. The seed has been planted.)

Well, an invitation from my friend Margot to visit her house in the hills by San Jose at the end of June turned out to be the end of the spinning. I had carted my Lendurm spinning wheel up to her place for an evening of spinning, but I had been switching between the regular head and the plying head earlier in the week and ended up leaving the both at home. Luckily, I had the spindle and the last lot of Fiber Fiend roving in a spare project bag in the car and made short work of the 30 grams I needed to spin up. I plied from a center pull ball the next day and turned back to the knitting.

Tuesday morning this week, I flung the 4" cuff of the second sock into my carryon bag and on the very brief 4 mile drive to the airport, I wound that last bit of yarn off the spindle into a ball. Just barely made it before the nice TSA people shooed us away from the curb! Two airplane flights plus a Dorothy Sayers novel on the iPod later... I've gotten round the heel. I'm now ensconced in the house of nieces in Orlando, squeezing rounds of sock out between babysitting and mother's helper tasks.

Nieces are a big distraction from knitting, so I've had to invent a game called "At the Salon", where 3-year-old Sarah combs and "styles" my hair while I knit. Just like at the real salon, eh? (I believe I have a photo of that activity from an earlier trip... I'll go hunt that up and post it here shortly.) [ETA the photo I mentioned of of Sarah's salon, from January]

Also along on my trip are the 4 skeins of Tahki Cotton Classic for my Via Diagonale knit-along with my mom. We're both aiming to have the knitting of this cute little purse done by the time Mom arrives in CA for a visit on the 18th. And I've got a bit of contract knitting... and a little twined knitting project for our upcoming guild meeting where I will be teaching twined knitting.

Even though all three of those projects are more urgently needed than these socks... wool socks? In 95 degree heat?? ... they are the only project I have eyes for right now. I just can't wait to add in the last ball of yarn in about 3 rows and get these puppies finished. Mmmm, woolly socks! Whoops, that's a niece crying in the next room! Gotta dash!


Blogger Bogie said...

#2 looks great!

So now you're working on the under-five crowd? Dang woman, you're the most recruitinist spinner I know!

I love the salon game. Is there an opening around 3PM today? I could use some time in the chair.

Have a great trip and I'll see you when you get back.

July 10, 2008 11:05 AM  

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