Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Limpets means Ravelimpets

Hi knitters

The Olympics! They're here! And WOW, do they demand a lot of time... especially if you have a DVR.

Bill and I kind of love the Olympics. We have a special nickname for them - we call them "Limpets". In the real world, small-l limpets are little marine snail creatures, but it makes us giggle to have a mollusk nickname for this super-serious, emotional event with national pride at stake. "Awww, the Limpets. Aren't they cute?"

We're not particular about our Limpets. We'll watch summer or winter Limpets with equal enthusiasm. We aren't even all that picky about which events we watch. Beach volleyball? Sure! Greco-Roman wrestling? Why not? Women's soccer? Absolutely! We watch late into the night. We cram in a few events over breakfast. And this year, while we watch -- I knit. Because I have to. Because I am in the game!

Yes, I am competing in the knitting world's biggest competition of the year: the ravelympics. Or, if you are me, the "ravelimpets". Yes, I know I'm weird.

If you are not a member of the knitting web site ravelry, all you need to know is that "ravelympics" was invented this summer as a knitting event which runs parallel to the Summer Olympics. Each knitter is asked to challenge themselves with a difficult knitting project/task and identify it in their ravelry project list. We are then allowed to cast on when the Olympic flame is lit and work until the closing ceremonies wrap up the show on August 24. That's 17 days to complete a challenging knitting project.

Or, if you are me... 12 days.

Due to events beyond my control (a contract knitting gig which needed to be finished on Monday), I wasn't able to start competing until Tuesday -- 5 days into the ravelympic period. This means I missed the kickoff party my team (What up, Team Bobaknit?) held on Friday. I had to form my own cast on party tonight by inviting Janice over to watch me start my project and munch up my organic veggies.

So what am I knitting? Swatches. 16 swatches. And a hat.

But not just any swatches! No, these special swatches are the knitting assignments for the Master Knitter program which I have been intending to complete for Some Time Now. In fact, I knit most of the swatches in 2005, but I wasn't happy with my results. Since then I've done more reading and have learned more about what will pass the judging. I'm starting the whole project over, with new yarn, different needles (smaller - so my seed stitch will be dense enough) and the current instructions.

Today, I knit ONE swatch. Here it is, still on the needles, next to an older false start at the same swatch:

Swatch 3, MHK1

Look closely and you might be able to spot the split stitch on one edge, about halfway down. Riii-ii-iiip and reknit, and bingo: one down. 15 swatches + 1 hat to go. For successful completion, I need to have 10 swatches done at my halfway point, which is Monday. In Limpet-speak, that would be my split time.

"To keep her medal hopes alive, spinnity will have to dig deep to get to 10 swatches by the halfway point. Can she do it?"



Blogger Bogie said...

You should be able to knock out a bunch on the road trip, no? And you're welcome go join us at lunchtime if you're in the area.

Thanks for the tasty dinner and for treating me to the unboxing and first viewing of the new gear. I should have taken photos... I've been saying that too much these days.

Go Mary Go!

August 13, 2008 11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My money's on you to finish. Since you will be so busy knitting I'm sure you won't have time to check for comments, right!!? Anyway good luck. Mom

August 13, 2008 7:41 PM  

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