Friday, May 21, 2004


In my aspect as Easily Distracted Woman, I've dropped all other projects and have been working exclusively on the Myosotis cardigan for Julie B. Cast on Sunday and finished the blue bit with the whales in yesterday morning. I showed my progress photo to a couple friends and they actually recognized the grey blobs as whales! Huzzah! Photos:

crw_8348 crw_8348

I found a web site which describes the colors associated with French color names for silk embroidery thread and discovered that Myosotis (which means forget-me-not) is used a color name French. It's apparently a "pale dusty blue". And in the magazine, that's the color they used. I've chosen a slightly darker blue, so the pattern name is now completely divorced from the actual object. Oh well!

Wednesday night I stopped by Knitting Arts to pick up an interesting yarn to make string ties for the Florella baby set and get some advice on my 2 stalled Colinette projects. I picked Tweedy Cotton Classic from Tahki in rasperry/pale pink/chartreuse/cream/lilac tweed. I hope it will add just the right amount of jazz to the solid color sweater set. All the ends are woven in and we're planning to be at home tonight, so maybe it will finally get washed - a week after coming off the needles. Baby Jocelyn was due early this week, so I'd better get a move on!

On a side note... I'm becoming rather nervous about my punctuation. I've read about half of "Eats, Shoots, & Leaves" - a surprisingly fun book about the history & foibles of punctuation. Trouble is, some of her negative examples, like "No dogs please," did not even phase me a bit. (Punctuated like this, it's a statement. And patently false, as many dogs DO please. It's what they do best!)

Trouble is, it makes me think about each comma, dash, & my favorite, the elipsis. I'm sure it will wear off in a few months, but it's interesting to become aware of something you were totally taking for granted. Like buying a new car & discovering that there are HUNDREDS of your car on the road. I now see punctuation everywhere!


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