Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Knitted goodness, nearly dry

Saturday was washday for a couple FO's from the past few weeks. Naturally the California rainy season started on Saturday night & nothing is actually dry yet. Silly weather. Anyway, here are photos of the drying party:

Icelandic Beauty           Crocus cardigan

crw_3305      crw_3308

Mystery Kit #1 is also in the drying party.. Don't click if you don't want to know! Finished Mystery Object #1


Blogger Ellen said...


A quick question about Mystery Kit:
After you do the first decrease round and have 114 sts, then knit the next round, then knit to 2sts before marker and k2tog....do you decrease by doing those three rounds until you have six sts left?

October 21, 2004 12:41 AM  
Blogger spinnity said...

Hi Ellen.. I hope you stop back to get the answer, since I have no other way to contact you! There are 2 rounds: decrease round, knit plain round. In the decrease round, you knit to 2 sts before the marker, make decrease, repeat. In the plain round, just knit. Repeat these two until there are 6 sts left. The online corrections to the pattern make this part a little more clear than it was in the instructions as shipped: http://www.inspirationsyarn.com/Mystery1%20Correction.htm

I think it might help to re-write one line of the instructions:

Instead of: "Repeat the decrease round and knit rounds until 6 stitches remain. "
I would say: "Repeat the knit round and the decrease round until 6 stitches remain".. because where you are in the pattern, you've just done the dec. round and the knit round comes next.

I made a modification to my Mystery Object.. When there were 5 sts between decreases, I stopped knitting plain rounds and knit only decrease rounds from there to the end. This enhances the flatness of the top. If you alternate decreases & knit rounds all the way, the center "pooches" up a little bit. Decide what you like!

October 21, 2004 2:15 AM  
Blogger Ellen said...

Thanks so much for going to my blog and telling me you answered.
I had a feeling I'd forget which blog I posted to!!
I kept re-reading the instructions and agree the way you rewrote it is how I interpret it now too.
Thanks again!!

October 21, 2004 7:52 AM  

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