Sunday, June 19, 2005

Summer-along, Week 7

Hi knitters & friends! I have been away from the keyboard some and lazy some, hence the lack of postings. That meant I missed Week 6 of the Summer Along at work, but the gals did meet without me and kept going.

T's enthusiasm recruited a new gal for knitting @ work -- not yet knitting along on the Favorite Summer Sweater, but we have hope. While I was away, E took home a copy of Stitch-n-Bitch last week and taught herself how to knit, hurray! She is already knitting and purling like a pro with sample yarn and in love with the latest Rebecca. I always admire newcomers to knitting who plunge right in. That was Week 6.

Week 7, June 15, was this week and we had pretty low turnout. Each person apparently walked by our regular meeting location, saw no one was there, and went back to work. Might be a bit of summer blahs. But I did go round to everyone's desk and see their progress.

H. has knit her gauge swatch for Tempting. J has all but 2 inches of the back finished and T has about 6 inches of her sweater done. I think I'll go ahead and start my front next week, since summer is speeding a long and I'd love to be able to wear this sweater this year. Also, I am way curious to see how the short-rowed neckline works.


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