Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Squeeeeee! I'm in knitty!

Ardea twined mitts
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Oh knitters, I'm wagging my tail like crazy today. My first published pattern appears in the Winter 2008 Issue of knitty: Larus and Ardea fingerless mitts in twined knitting.

This turns out to be another thing I'm grateful to the Knitspiration knitting guild for... if I hadn't taught the lesson twined knitting this summer, I wouldn't have developed this original pattern and Janice wouldn't have nudged me to submit it to knitty.

So thanks, guild members, thanks Janice. Thanks, of course, to Bill who shot all the photos. And thanks to knitty for publishing it! Working with the technical editor to get the pattern ship-shape was really helpful. I can't wait to see if anyone knits these and whether it's a challenge to learn twined knitting from the online resources available.

If you'd like to see all the photos of the mitts in one place, I've posted a photo set at Flickr



Blogger Bogie said...

Congratulations!! The pattern looks great--I'm going to need to add it to my queue. I've got some Z-plied hand spun ready to go. Hopefully it's spun evenly enough to show the patterning.

December 10, 2008 10:48 AM  
Anonymous seltsame said...

Yay!!! Congratulations!

December 10, 2008 11:00 AM  
Blogger Alison said...

Whoohoo....fame, glory, you have it all. The mittens look lovely too.

December 10, 2008 11:45 AM  
Blogger SpinalCat said...


December 10, 2008 1:11 PM  
Blogger (formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Yay Mary! I can't wait to get some on the needles!

December 10, 2008 1:25 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to try them out!

December 10, 2008 1:50 PM  
Blogger alce said...

Wow! Congratulations! They look fab!

December 10, 2008 4:39 PM  
Anonymous mel said...

Congrats! So excited for you!!!

December 10, 2008 4:53 PM  
Anonymous sequinK said...

Woohoo! Congratulations!

December 10, 2008 5:56 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

Congrats Mary! They really are fabulous mitts. I knew they would make it into Knitty no problem =)

December 10, 2008 7:07 PM  
Blogger Cindy/Snid said...

Congrats!!!! They look like a wonderful knit.

December 10, 2008 9:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For sure, my next project.
Constance,The netherlands

December 10, 2008 11:12 PM  
Blogger Jocelyn said...

CON-GRAT-U-LATIONS! That's awesome.

December 11, 2008 6:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats! Great pattern.

December 11, 2008 6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was so thrilled to find your pattern on Knitty.
A few years ago, I came across your picture of the brown half-mitts you had made for your husband from the 'Twined Knitting' book. I got the book from the library and made myself a pair. I love them! They are so warm!
Now I can use your wonderful pattern to make more!
Thank you very, very much!
Esther in Ottawa.

December 11, 2008 4:08 PM  
Anonymous twistedinstitches said...

I loved the twined technique, having just learned it myself!

Thanks for the pattern--it's on my TO DO list!!!


December 12, 2008 11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!! Mary!! Way to go!! Mom

December 15, 2008 7:40 AM  
Blogger adamwiz said...

woot! congrats, they're lovely


December 16, 2008 10:51 AM  
Blogger Kristina said...

Great to see a Tvåändsstickning pattern in English! I've been thinking about translating a pattern from Swedish but I've been too lazy... :)

February 01, 2009 6:21 AM  

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