Friday, May 28, 2004

Half done

I figure the back plus the left front means I am half done with Swan. Photos:

crw_9213 crw_9212

The front is now off the needles & I've done 5 rows of the right front. I'm sort of dreading the sleeves, since my row gauge on this project is way off. I ended up knitting 22 rows for the armhole on the front.. so when it comes to sleeves, I'll probably have some calculating to do to figure out how wide the sleeves need to be.

Progress on whales: nil. I knit the 4 rows of little peaky waves and a few rows beyond that.. but then figured out that I should have had 5 rows of waves and had made a couple other mistakes. So I tinked back all the way to the end of the blue. I'm hoping to finish Swan this weekend & get back to whales.

Today's humor: I was up at 12:15 am last night, watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force. This ad comes on: "Do you hit the snooze alarm in the morning? Feel like you're dragging by mid-afternoon? Need a second cup of coffee to get going? Well..." and I'm thinking... GO TO BED, YOU IDIOT. "... you need this fancy pants matress.". Talk about hitting your target audience. Yep, they're exhausted all right. Yep, they're too dumb to go to bed. They might just buy your matress! In a rare moment of strength, I used the power of laughter to tear myself away from the shiny pictures. I shut the TV off & went to bed.


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