Tuesday, June 01, 2004

All my projects are DOOMED

Existential crisis day.

Swan: I thought I was knitting with size 15 needles, but now I'm not sure. They might be 13's. And the sleeves are coming out at a very different gauge than the body (should be 7 sts/4 in - now coming out 8.5 sts/4 in). So the sleeves are narrow and are taking much more yarn than called for in the pattern. Also, the gal I was making it for delivered her baby on Sunday and is no longer on bed-rest. I've got the body plus one sleeve finished. I think I have enough yarn to finish the 2nd sleeve. So.. should I keep going?

Myosotis: The whales are still stuck at the water line. Some of the intarsia on the first bit looks wobbly. Should I keep going?

Wendy's mohair T-neck in Tahki might not be doomed, just stalled. Needs another 3.5 inches of neck and seams to be finished. Maybe that's what I'll take on the road Thursday when we drive to Ashland for the weekend.

Knitting class at work today: just me and Angel, the newest knitter. 10 other knitters did not show up. I think I made a huge mistake by not having projects & yarn picked out for them at the beginning of the classes. I'm not sure how to get the energy back. Should I keep going?


Movies this week: American Splendor. Underworld. Men with Guns.


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