Monday, April 18, 2005

Very Nearly F.O.'s

Saturday afternoon my spouse-o and I held Reading Group at my house. Reading Group is a gathering 3 couples plus offspring of one couple for the purpose of reading out loud to one another from our favorite books, magazines, web sites... even my guilty pleasure, small-town police blotters. This week we heard from Bailey White, Anne Lamott, the magazine Brain Child, Douglas Adams and Arthur Conan Doyle.

I was not feeling especially hospitable on Saturday and I didn't have anything special I wanted to read. So while I listened, Iused the time to finish the last niggling details of three Nearly Finished Objects. I won't call them completely F yet, as they still need a wash and in one case a bit of steam, but I hereby present VNFO's number 6 thru 9:

img_8170   img_8172   img_8179

Phew! 3 of 5 unfinished baby sweaters have nearly crossed the finish line. Just a little bit of hand-washing left to get these all ready to be given away, leaving just Narcisse and Dale Baby 1006 languishing in finishing land.

Also over the weekend, I made good progress on the new "Cotton Candy" project. Here's the completed back:


The back looks extra tall and skinny because all pieces of this sweater are designed to shrink approximately 15% in length. Now that the whole piece is assembled, I can really tell that the lighter blue is the right choice for this sweater - the dark blue of the swatch was too nautical.

I've decided that knitting this **little** sweater is good practice before I commit the pieces of Bill's **large** OXO Gansey to the wash, so I'm really pushing to finish Cotton Candy quickly. Tonight I've been working on the fronts - I might get as far as placing the pockets later tonight. If not, this will be my plane knitting on Wednesday when we dash off for 4 days of birding in Texas.


Blogger Wiz Knitter said...

Congratulations on your nearly FOs! They all look really wonderful. Thinking of you today since I am wearing my Charlotte shawl!

Thanks also for your comments on my blog, and I will definitely take you up on your offer to borrow the blocking wires after you are done with blocking your Bias Betty. I want to straighten out the edges (you can see where the pins pulled it further out in some places.) I also thought the beading instructions were unclear until I actually started doing it, then it made more sense. If you have trouble I can help!

Have a wonderful birding trip!

April 19, 2005 10:11 AM  

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