Friday, April 29, 2005

Wash on Tuesday

Hah! I'm back. We flew home from Texas Sunday night (epic journey, rain, delayed planes, new tickets, baggage routed via Timbuktu...) with a trip list of 180 bird species and lots of lovely bird photos to remind us of a very fun trip.

I guess being on vacation provided some unexpected energy, because Tuesday night after choir rehearsal I washed up 5 items. Clockwise from the upper right, we have Diamond Seed Baby Jacket (FO 2005-07), Cindy of the Loopy Edges (FO 2005-08), a little lace hat in Rowan Wool Cotton (FO 2005-05), the little Baby Surprise Jacket (FO 2005-06) and running through the middle is Bias Betty (FO 2005-09).


Their fates are now sealed. Cindy is going to a baby shower today. Diamond Seed Baby Jacket and the lace hat are being mailed to L.A. The BSJ has a known destination here in town, and Bias Betty is for me. Me, me, me!

Wednesday night I sewed the beads onto Bias Betty:


and I was able to wear it to work on Thursday. This scarf was a fun, quick project and the colors are fabulous. I didn't think I was a pink beads kind of gal, but I really love the results. I wore it to work on Thursday and got lots of props. Hey, it's kind of fun to knit for yourself!


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