Thursday, August 12, 2004

Oooh, it's wash day!

I did it, I did it! The following objects are ready for wash today:

  • Wendy's Reverse Turtleneck
  • Swan cardigan/bedjacket for Kelli (photo)
  • Baby Molly's doll blanket/Feather & Fan Washcloth
  • Baby Nolan's Early Arrivals preemie sweater (photo)
  • Sample illusion knitting versions of the NC State logo for Stacie

Phew! I started Turtle in stinkin' January! And Swan has been completely done & ready for seams since end of June. I'm so pleased to have these things all finished up & read to go. I'll post a photo after I've done the actual washing. I love to see all the knitted objects drying together.

Double Trouble socks are *not* finished, sadly. Talking with Janice on Tuesday, I decided I should use a different turnaround for the cuffs. I tried a purl turning row.. that didn't turn outward, it wanted to turn inward. R-r-r-rip. So I tried a knit turning row. That made purl bumps right on top of the cuff. Not cute. So I stalled out a while until Janice came up with an idea from something she'd knit before... change from k3p1 to p3k1 rip about half an inch or so before you want the turn down to start. No turning row. Just turn the cuff down after establishing the inverse of the rib parttern. The change from rib A to rib B is hidden under the cuff. So this morning I am going to r-r-r-rip the socks back about 25 rows and implement the new plan.

So exciting to be finishing things, working thru the stuck places. I'm feeling ready to tackle a couple new things or maybe even finish up some evil old things. Here are a few items I would like to tackle next:

Things already started

  • Anny Blatt Myosotis cardigan, started in May 2004. Half the back is done & baby is due this week - eek!
  • Colinette Giotto tunic for me... a doomed object having been started twice already. I'm worried I've scrunched the yarn & it won't be pretty anymore, so I've been putting off making this.. but I kind of want to wear it Saturday so it's either put up or shut up time for this project
  • Rowan Denim OXO gansey for my dearest (swatch). 40 cm of boring stockinette finished, now it's time for the patterns
  • Pursification of the Devine Mitred Squares

Things calling my name

  • Oat Couture Crocus Cardigan for Baby Clara (due Oct 16)
  • Tilt, from knitty in Noro Silk Garden, the tuquoise, pink, purple color
  • Doggie sweater. Been meaning to make one for about a year and the Knitalong Yahoo group is currently considering companion animal knits. Brought hom Judith L. Schwartz's Dogs in Knits from the library and I think I have enough leftover Jaimeson's Soft Shetland to make an Icelandic yoked doggie sweater without a trip to the store
  • Entrelac Socks from the Summer 2004 Knitters. I've got the yarn balled up & ready to go.

And so the debate begins.. what to knit, what to knit! It's so freeing to have finished those lingering sweaters, I feel like I could start a million new projects! Bwahahahaha!


Blogger Bogie said...

That's quite a list. Congratulations! I sure hope the cuffs turn out the way we expect them to--3rd time's the charm, right?

August 12, 2004 2:19 PM  

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