Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Charlotte & the socks

Charlotte's web : cast off last night, but the finished length (unstretched) is only 22". I am supposed to have 24. I am thinking of un-casting-off and knitting a few more rows, maybe even another repeat of the pattern. While I am stewing over this decision...

I have been looking into "A Step Above" (ASA) entrelac socks from Knitter's 75. So. In a fit of "must have them", I bought yarn for these socks on Sunday. But the yarn I bought is not showing the pattern well. I am knittng a test triangle and it's just not looking good. I think the best yarn for these socks would have color run lengths of about 6 inches at a time. I have a bunch of yarns at 20-30-50 inch run lengths and this new cotton yarn which alternates 6" of purple with 1" of red. The color is also muddied by the use of a white thread to make this a tweed yarn. So I'm thinking about a quick run to the yarn shop... though of course Charlotte & the unfinished bedjacket, baby sweater and other baby sweater are calling.

And so we come to discipline. I will knit with what I have tonight. Tomorrow maybe I'll go to the yarn shop.

Today my friend Frank sent me a copy of the "Person Paper on Purity in Language" by William Satire - a satirical essay written by Douglas Hofstadter and first published in 1983. Read it & let me know what you think:


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