Sunday, March 06, 2005

Shawl-a-palooza progress: Janice finished!

On Tuesday evening, Janice sent email reporting that she had finished knitting the first of our three wedding wraps. That was 10 days of knitting to make an entire wrap measuring about 80 x 20 inches. I got a chance to pick it up from her Thursday. Here it is, looking like a long skinny snake:


I am so grateful for Janice's help on this project. We would clearly not have been able to finish without her. I know she was both allergic to the mohair and coming down with something as she knit for us. So her knitting was really above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you, thank you, Janice!

knuknitter, a.k.a The Bride reports that she is nearly finished, just the decreases to go. I've only got about 40 inches in my straight section - I need about 15 more inches before I can decrease and I think I've got plenty of yarn, especially with Janice's leftovers.

I had been planning some sort of edging for these wraps - a row of crochet or a picked up garter stitch edge. But I am reconsidering after input from the crew at today's Stitch-n-Bitch i Campbell. Several people thought that a border would spoil the effect of the stripe pattern. Hmm... less work.. more aesthetically appealing... I might be able to get behind this "no border" plan

We're really past wedding planning and into wedding activities now - bachelorette party and spa day for ladies of the weddind party took place this weekend. Both events were great fun.. but neither one really allowed for much knitting! So here I am parked in front of the TV knitting away to meet our deadline. T minus 6 days and counting.


Blogger Bogie said...

You're welcome! And thanks for the little song that you posted on my blog, that was so sweet. But I don't think your Mom is going to be singing my praises when she starts weaving in the ends--I wish I had woven them in as I went along. Ratso. Some needle and thread might come in handy to secure the slippery ribbon. Maybe tack it to itself and then weave the end in? And why aren't the ends longer? Oh bother. I hope she can make it work. BTW, most of the ends are slip-knotted together and they should come apart with a tug. Best wishes to all!

March 07, 2005 2:50 PM  
Blogger Wiz Knitter said...

Janice rules! I appreciate your advice, Janice, on weaving in ends, since I should be doing that pretty soon.

As Spinnity says, not many opportunities for knitting during the crazy weekend, so I've only just started the decreases. But those should go pretty quickly. It's looking great!

March 08, 2005 3:51 PM  

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