Friday, April 29, 2005

Summer Sweater-along

I think May and June will be known as my Blue Period. I'm working (still working, slowly working) on Bill's OXO Gansey in deep blue denim. I have about 5 inches of sleeves for Cotton Candy completed in a lovely light blue and ecru - I have maybe another 7 inches to go, plus button band and collar. And I've just finished the gauge swatch for Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater from the Knit Stitch in a nice blue grey.

When last we heard about the Summer Sweater-along, I was leaning towards Rowan Handknit Cotton in several bright colors, including FLAME orange. In fact, I bought 17 skeins of Flame in Ashland, but I chickened out. Have you got any idea how much acreage you can get out of 17 skeins of Flame. Nope, too scary. Janice suggested trying something a bit smaller, maybe a tank top, in Flame and looking for a more Mary, more muted color for the Summer Sweater. I like this idea a lot! I want that orange in my life, just not that MUCH orange. I swatched up the slip stitch pattern for the Lots of Choices Top in Ms Melville's The Knit Stitch and I believe the Flame has found it's destiny.

On Tuesday night, I visited Knitting Arts to look for a less frightening color. Jen helpfully checked the stock of all colors of Handknit Cotton. I really didn't love any of the colors and was sort of moping around the shop until Michelle pointed out Filatura di Crosa's Mirto. I chose a blue/grey color, #35, and was able to swatch with the other two Summer Sweater-alongers on Wednesday at my work knitting group. I love the results:


I am just loving the fabric - it's drapey, a bit shiny, and slightly mottled with white. And it's right on gauge at 22 sts/4 inches. So I'm all set to start the Summer Sweater knitalong next Wednesday.


Anonymous jeni said...

Welcome home! Glad to hear you had fun with the birds. Your FO's are looking great.

April 29, 2005 5:29 PM  

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