Thursday, June 17, 2004

Knitting meet up - they came!

10 knitters showed up last night to what we think was the first knitting meetup in Santa Clara County. Several of the SJSU SNB'ers were there and some new folks as well: Laura, Christina, Janice, Jenn, Mackenzie, Ivy, Jerri, Jessica, Liz & me. I remembered to grab nametags before the event, so we all got a fair shot at learning the other knitters' names. The Barefoot Coffee Roasters was a very comfortable place and the manager was very accommodating to the meet up group, including printing a table tent for us and finding us a more comfortable location. Unfortunately, Wednesday is Open Mike Night and the music was a hair too loud for pleasant conversation. We're investigating other venues for the next meetup. Most everyone said they would come again. Next chance: July 21.

And I made some progress on Charlotte. Just 30 rows left! The last color is integrated - a subtle purple/lavendar/brown/ruby combination barely visible at the point of the triangle:


Wendy told me last night she thought the "color development" was perfect, so maybe I'll get brave enough to cut the yarns & stop thinking about ripping it out. In thanks for her kind comments, I worked on the turtleneck of her long-overdue Christmas present. I did 2.5 inches last night, so half an inch more and that sucker is off the needles. I'd love to finish it this week and wash it when I'm washing Charlotte. And the baby Florella set.

And Rebecca stopped by last night with yarn she bought for her first project - a Beach Beanie hat from Knitters 74. She had a yummy Anny Blatt angora in orange/turquoise/raspberry/brown shades. I think it will make a great hat. She did the cast on and most of the first row before turning into a pumpkin. I am *sooo* happy that she is plunging into knitting. It's great to have something that draws us together regularly, hurray!

I found the blog of one of the SJSU stitch-n-bitch participants, Janice. I totally admire her dedication, she's able to write daily! Some day I'll be that cool. Here's here stuff: She also posted an interested link to the SJSU SNB group today - How to become an expert knitter, an online book. I've read the intro & chapter 1, so far all great advice on how to select, knit & finish a great-looking garment.

Video report: Last night we watched 3 episodes of Magic Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. It reminds me strongly of FLCL, which we loved. Moving the action from one version of the shopping center to another allows them to make fun of something new each episode. So far, we've mocked D&D-based video games and Giant Robot Anime. Next episode looks to be set in China... poking fun at kung-fu movies?


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